• 1,00

    Olive Oil

  • 8.00

    Meat Pie

    Homemade Pastry with Fresh Beef Minced Meat

  • 8.00

    Homemade Tart with Zucchini and Goat´s Cheese and herbs

  • 1.00

    Bread Basket

  • 9.00

    “Dolmadakia” – Stuffed Vine Leaves

    Vine Leaves, Rice, Dry Onion, Fresh Herbal Blend

  • 7.50

    “Spanakopita” – Traditional Pie

    Feta Cheese, Spinach, Fresh Herbal Blend, Fyllo Pastry

  • 8.00

    “Bujurdi” in a clay pot – Melted Cheese with Spicy Tomato Sauce

    white Greek Cheese, Santorini Tomato Paste, Chili Flakes

  • 7.50

    “Domatokeftedes” – Santorini Tomato Fritters

    Fresh Tomatoes, Wheat Flour, Dry Onions, Basil, Spearmint

  • 8.00

    Santorini “Fava” – Yellow Split Peas Puree

    Yellow Split Peas, Fresh Tomatoes concasse, Dry Onions, Parsley, E/V Olive Oil

  • 6.00

    Authentic Greek Tzatziki

    Strained Greek Yogurt, Cucumber, Garlic, Dill